Welcome to baby gorilla records

This is a label of love and fandom. We publish the music we want to hear and let's hope there are many of us, who want to hear the same thing.

Drawing inspiration from the great DIY and micro-labels of yesteryear, we seek to do things our own way, for our reality is just as valid as anyone's.

We present to you the best we can find in stoner, doom, sludge, psychedelic and different experimental genres, but we aren't afraid of letting go of those labels.

Stick around, take a listen or if you have something you want us to hear and publish, don't hesitate to send us a demo.



"We synthesize a number of genres and influences but our main goal is to energize and liberate our free and instinctive selves where the band and the audience become one." - Grabanc


Audiovisual orgy of feelings and emotions.

Lemurian Folk Songs

Psychedelic heavy blues stoner rock intuition since 2015.

full tone generator

The 9000 carat Gem from the desert.

Hold Station

Hot grooves from the snowy alps

Fairtrade Floyd

Raw & dirty handmade Rock n Roll from Austria

Evil Twin

Fuzzy Guitars, and Big Punchy Drums...Get On Board


Post Grunge symptoms of Budapest

trash mihály

Sewer Jazz

Ohm Maid

Trip out on the psychedelic vibes of our youth.


Music from the Earth.

minimál bogart

Give in to the barkness!

band in the pit

Long distance flight.


Axe and hammer, heavy shit.



Hailing from Budapest, Arkas is a two-piece experimental group.





05.12 - label night/vol4 |famyne| @ három holló

Arkas | experimental/post/metal

Dr Sludgelove | sludge/prog/metal

Famyne | doom/metal

Æntropy | post/metal

06.07 - their methlab/gr & support @ három holló

Their Methlab | post/psy/rock

Vanta | sludge/doom/metal

The Royal Freak Out | stoner/garage/rock

Dr. Sludgelove | sludge/prog/metal