It is difficult to find the right categories for the activity of the Entrópia Architektúra. It was called industrial, ritual rock, experimental, even paramental. This way of categorization recalls Schrödinger’s cat, since the result of the categorization depends on the process of the categorization itself. Our band is independent and is looking for its own way of expression. We are using the words and the standards of different musical styles only as occasional tools. The band was formed 18 years ago related to a stylistic experiment: we planned a spontaneous and improvised performance based on the registration of the sounds and noises of the renovation works of a hotel (Hotel Royal) in Budapest. During the years many musicians played in the band. Our interest gradually turned from improvisation towards the variations of pulsing structures. In our music we are building up sometimes hard and sometimes sensible musical structures based on beat, rhythm and melody created by metals, industrial waste and electronical devices. Fundamentally we are trying to open the door to a different, more complex reality by using ritual, archaic, maybe even prehuman sounds. In this context even the human voice works as a musical instrument.

Entropia_Architektura Börzsöny III.jpeg