New Release: Polygondwanaland

Who can honestly say, that they don't like King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, the Australian powerhouse of modern psychedelia? If for nothing else, their approach to the distribution of the album Polygondwanaland. Not only they persistently provide the world with new and interesting music, but last November, they brought a few bright rays of Australian summer to this frozen shithole of Hoth, in the form of an album released in the public domain. They went as far as uploading the vinyl master for those who have the ability to press records.

They also stated on their site that a good sounding cassette master was something that they could not achieve. Our in-house nut, set out on a mission to produce a killer sounding cassette. One that preserves the nature of the original recordings while incorporating the distinctive sound of cassettes to create a unique listening experience. It did seem impossible at some point and took a little longer than expected, but now we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

After countless hours of experimentation and auditioning, we are happy to report that a final master has emerged and production is just around the corner.

You will be able to preorder this monument of psychedelic rock on cassette very soon in our online outlets.