“Back in 2010 it was just a music documentary about a guitarist and a drummer. Then the two left the pictures behind, so that together they could create a unique world of their music. Finally they grew into a trio just to firm their vision into a final form. If you put all the different music styles as towns onto a map, then the Band In The Pit, this drummer-bass-guitar trio could mean that dusty motel right next to the highway between unknown cities. First you might think it's some kind of a stoner rock, but take a closer look you'll find out that it points way beyond the stoners' territory. Their long instrumental songs are might build up from manically repeated circle themes while reaching back and forth between start and end till there's nothing left. They won't try to follow the regular verse-verse-ref-verse composition. Szabolcs Késmárky's play on the guitar shows more connection with the hill country blues, than with the so called heavy riffs. The fractured sound that's coming through the pedals is far from the chokingly heavy air of the swamps of Louisiana, but reflects the contour lines of that soft dust that burnt on the amplifier's cathode tube.You put all this on the Norman Prókai and Vilmos Schneider rhythm section created groove centric frame, and thanks to it's repetitive nature you have the feeling, that right now somewhere in the world people just started to dance. And finally, after a ten, fifteen minutes long balancing it suddenly breaks it's orbit, reaches the ground, collapses the world you know before, and releases hell from all corner of the stage. After all we step into a territory of psychedelic rock.” Kiss Gergő (UH Fest)