The two piece, Arkas has already become well known in the Budapest underground for their overwhelming live performances. Audiences usually stand stunned at the edge of the stage trying to piece together what is happening. The music comes across hectic at first, but upon closer inspection every note, every accent is where it is supposed to be. There are no bleeding-heart lyrics or whining string sections to cause an emotional response, rather the guitar and the drums in the hands of Kex and Csabi become the raw emotion itself that stampedes over the minds and hearts of the audience. Whatever they are doing, seems to work because there are more and more familiar faces at shows “who don’t usually like this kind of music.”


There were several attempts to classify the music played by Arkas, which draws heavily from post and math metal roots, but according to the musicians it is more experimental than anything. Their influences are said to be bands like Nyos, Car Bomb, Cult Leader, Reel Big Fish, Molested Divinity, Cenotaph, Cannibal Corpse, Greymachine and Prodigy.


Keep an eye out for their new EP in the works, coming very soon.